May Family Archived Photos

May family (c.1902) --- Joseph May & Frances [Dirr] with Frank, Mary, Bill, Francie, Joe
May family 1902

(left) Frances Dirr (Claire's paternal grandmother)
(right) Katerina Frankenstein Hahn (Claire's maternal grandmother)
F.Dirr Hahn

May family (c.1910) --- Joseph & Rose [Hahn] with Joe and Marie
1910 family

(left) May brothers: Joe, Frank, Bill       (right) Bill May & Mattie May
May brothers Bill May

(left) May Family (c. 1920)       (right) Miller Avenue house
1920 family Miller Avenue

* * * * They've been identified! (Thanks, Eileen)
Hahn Family: (Claire's grandparents) * * * *

School time for Claire May! (c.1938) . . . . . Rose [Hahn] May (c.1948)
Claire Rose May

May family (c.1942) --- Joseph & Rose with Joe, Marie, William, Fr. Eric, Charles, Hellen, Anne, Andrew, Claire
1942 family

1971: [top] Betty, Yasuo from Japan, Kathy, Charlie, Anne
[bottom] Ray, Ken, Steve, Lorraine and Claire
1971 family

July 1987: Charlie & Betty, Ed & Claire, Helen, Anne, Lucy
1987 family

May 1989: Helen, Charlie, Claire, Anne,
Helen, Charlie, Claire, Anne

1987 Reunion: Cousins
1987 cousins

1987 Reunion: Children of the cousins
1987 kids

Frank May Camp-Out, 1981, Alpine Lake, NY: "The Troy Mays"
1981 Troy Mays

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