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A classic winter shot of the house and barn from the front field.


Lackawack Hill Road, approaching the driveway.

Looking out over the snow. The driveway was always a favorite place to go sled riding--the icier, the better.
winter field1994

A wood-burning stove keeps the house warm and cozy, to make it easier to face the freezing temperatures outside.

Calm, quiet and cold at the back pond.
frozen lake1998

frozen pond1998

Spring comes into full bloom with the Mountain Laurel.
mountain laurel1994 bridge1989

The Hermitage was built by the Brothers and Sisters in the midst of a pine forest.
It consists of 3 small cabins plus a convenient outhouse.

Front pond, featuring the stone wall- new (early 80's) section is closest.
front pond1991

Front pond, featuring the bridge and deck.
front pond10/99

front pond '94  front pond '92 
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Back pond, looking west.......................Back pond, looking east.
9/99trees pond1998

As the leaves start to turn...

more trees9/99

The Fall colors are striking.
fall '88  fall '94  fall '88  fall '94 
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fall colors1999


more fall colors1999

view from porch1994


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Ray's Attraction Avenue site

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