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see page 2 of photos

The party was awesome!

Here's the first of the photos:
part of the crowd
One of the few group shots

Ray, Steve, Ken, Lorraine
On behalf of my family, thanks so much for joining us and making the day a success!

I'd be happy to receive any photos that you'd like to add. You can also email me any comments you'd like posted here ------ Ray

Grandma is mobbed by her girls. . . . . (l. to r.) Nicole, Arianna, Kaylin, Megan

Steve and Big Jim manned the grill again. . . . . Chef Billy supplied some choice meat

The cool pond made quite a splash!



Party into the night!

Marathon Man: run, Ray, run!!!

Arranging the bash: Final preps

Join us this Saturday, August 3. Please drop in if you can fit it into your schedule, even at the last minute! Just call or email the farm by Saturday. If you can bring a bag or two of ice, it would be appreciated. We've got a new bonfire pit and even some new trails to walk along. The weather looks good, so far, but just in case, we're building an ark.

Ed & Claire:     (845) 647-6168

We'll have walks through the forest, swimming, boating, volleyball, burgers, hot dogs, and lots of family!
Visit the "Garden of Eden" and the brand new vineyard.
Inspect the recently planted hardwood forest.
Admire dad's new custom work bench in the barn.
Relax in the shade!

Need Directions?

Arranging the bash: The announcement

Here's a copy of my Mom's official April '02 E-mail announcement:
Dear family,
We hope you will join us for the 2002 May family reunion on August 3rd at the Christensen farm.
The arrangements will be basically the same as our 2000 picnic (hopefully, minus the rain).

Date - Saturday, August 3, 2002
Time - Morning until the last relative leaves
Food and drink - Will be provided (Barbecue style fare, beer, wine, soda)
Activities - swimming, boating, ball playing, hiking etc.
Accomodations - Open space for campers, tents if you care to stay overnight
To bring - YOURSELVES --- swimwear, folding chairs etc.

In order to plan for food etc., we would like to know by June 1st all those who intend to come. WE MUST KNOW BY JULY 1 the exact number of persons, adult and children, who definitely will come.

Please contact me with any questions or suggestions.
P.S. This notice is being sent by e mail only, Please spread the word among our other relatives whom I cannot contact directly.
Hope to hear from you soon.

You'll see some historic family snapshots. If you have photos to add, they're welcome!

See photos of the infamous May Family Reunion 2000, for your entertainment pleasure.

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