Farm History: 2000 and Beyond

The Farm has now been in the family for over 40 years. That's alot of time for changes! Much of the property that had been fields and pasture land has grown into young forests. But more and more of it has been landscaped. We've always joked about turning the place into a golf course, but the consistent trimming of trees and removal of shrubbery in certain areas has tamed some of the wild growth.
Riding mowers, chainsaws, wood chipper, tractor and brush hog have now been attacking the land for the better part of a decade.

Ray, Steve, Ken, Lorraine

Projects in 2001 included the planting an apple orchard near the house. Poles were used from the old garden and fencing was put up to keep the deer out. 12 trees were planted, along with a small vegetable garden in their midst. I like to call it the "Garden of Eden." Mom (shown) calls it hard work.

Garden of Eden 8/01

Apple Orchard 8/01 Another Spring project was the transplanting of 35-40 Spruce and Hemlock trees from the back to new locations in the front field and north forest. The Hemlock will come in handy for future logging efforts! Here's Ray in the orchard.

Steve and Ken layed carpet and tiles in the house basement and hung doors to complete the new rooms in the basement. An adjacent bathroom was plumbed and the floor put in during hunting season in the fall. The Vani brothers got the job done in time to shoot a deer!

Dad proudly got one of his own.

11/01 bathroom work

Porch 7/01 We had a little family reunion in July 2001 when Lorraine and John came up from Charlotte with their kids. The porch was a great place to BBQ and relax. There was also time for volleyball and playing on the swings.
volleyball 7/01 swings 7/01
Family pic The typical family shot on the porch steps - 7/01

The Kleins had a pleasant visit.
Arianna and the fieldsUncle Ray

Megan, Kaylin, Arianna, Nicole

let Ray build you a site

Fire pit by day     Fire pit at night

After a successful bonfire at the 2000 May reunion, Ken was inspired to dig a permanent fire pit.

back of barn - March 01 Barn - April 2002

While lots of work has been done to the interior and structure of the barn, on the outside, it's much the same as it was several generations ago.

Steve, Gina, Nicole, Megan   Wood Shed 2002

Feb. 2002   Feb. 2002

Winter doesn't mean staying inside.....but it's easier to face the freezing temperatures and biting winds knowing that the wood stove will pump out enough heat to thaw you out!

in the kitchen Dad

Thanksgiving '01 Birthday celebration - Ken, Ray, Gina

Thanksgiving 2001 and November birthday celebration for Ken, Ray and Gina

target practice
Target practice

Ray, Steve, Ken - Apr 2002

Ray, Steve, and Ken are ready to clear brush from the field in preperation for the planting of 200 hardwood trees. Sugar Maple and Red Oak are in the ground by May, 2002.
hardwood plantings tree shelters protect the seedlings

Easy Rider
...but there's always time for a quick ride!

Pond fun     Family time

August 2002: The day before the big family reunion party. Hot sun, cool water!

Please support your local 'Marathon Man':
Marathon Man: run, Ray, run!!!

Mowing the lawn Steve checks the trees
Dad and a big stump   2003  

Spring 2003 included planting of White Oak, Black Walnut, and Maple trees along with the regular chores of mowing and general groundskeeping.

Click for photos of the 2003 NY Times party at the farm.

Mom tends the wood stove Dad mans the tractor

Mom tends the wood stove as Dad does some tractor work in the woods. (Feb/Mar 2004)

logging milling
Logging and milling of trees. (Mar/Jun 2004). Visit Lackawack Lumber for information and photos regarding our new logging operation.

Ray, Steve, Ken - 7/04 Dad and Kaylin - 8/04
Ray, Steve & Ken in July 2004. . . . . . A happy man: Kaylin in one hand and a cold beer in the other! (8/04)