Farm History: The Eighties

Here's a panoramic view of the farmhouse and barn on a cool and clear day in the Fall of 1982:
farm scene from back field

Let's face it. There's always been at least one big project going on. And usually alot more than one! Besides keeping the old farmhouse in liveable condition, Dad's love of the water led to the construction of a dam in the stream. This created the original 'pond'. It became an ongoing project when the first earthen dam was washed away in a storm. By the time of this photo in 1982, the second concrete spillway had been installed.

dam in 1982

Here's what the flood of '82 looked like:

flood of 1982

Of course there was always some time for fun. The pond was often the place for it, even if the water was frigid! Swimming, diving, inner tubes, boats and hopefully, a warm towel....

Hey! Let's not enjoy ourselves TOO much! Back to work!
I know. Let's move some rocks. Be careful! Watch your toes and fingers. Put on a pair of those Con Ed gloves and you're good to go. Dad already has his sweatband on...
Here we are in 1983:

Dad and Ray working

I hope you're not tired yet, because there's still plenty of time to get more work done. Jump in and lend a hand. This work isn't too glamarous, but it builds character. Besides building various stone walls through the years, there was always a hole to dig. The pond was one massive hole, but others included digging a ditch for the water line from the spring, digging a drainage ditch from the old farmhouse basement and another one for the overflow piping towards the milkhouse.

working in the mud

O.K. that's enough for now. How does a cold Genesee Cream Ale sound? You kids can split one......somehow, that almost made all the sweat and dirt worthwhile! Here's to you, Dad!

Farmer Ed1982

A sad chapter in Farm History came when the red farmhouse burnt down in 1984. After battles with the insurance company and with the builder selected for construction, the current log home was completed in 1989. (For much of the interim time, a section of the Barn provided shelter.)

7/88 log home construction log home 9/89